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How to make electroluminescent panels and Wires

Read articles and videos on different ways of making Electroluminescent. Machines, Materials and Processes of making EL Panels and EL Wires are all explained.

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Nejilock has more than 20 years of experience making Electroluminescent (EL) Panels. We have assisted many companies set-up their own EL Factory. With our accumulated knowledge and expertise, we would like to share them with you.
We planned to share the following In the Electroluminescent Section:
  1. Machines
  2. Circuit Designs
  3. Printing Materials
  4. Inverters
Please bear with us if some of the contents are not published yet. We will upload a new article every week. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, you may Contact Us for a quick solution.

- Since 1993 -

Our Electroluminescent story

How it started

In 1998 Anthony Neo chanced upon a flexible light technology when attending an Expo in Hong Kong. He spent the next two years researching Electroluminescent Technology. With the help of the Productivity and Standards Board of Singapore (PSB), a trainer was found. With it, Anthony began to walk the long journey of learning this technology.

first EL Factory

In the year 2000, we set up our 1st Factory in Batam, Indonesia. After having the factory, the gaps between the theory and actual manufacturing surface. Anthony spent the next few years closing these gaps. He has to source the right materials. Improve the manufacturing process and design inverters that meet safety standards. Months passed before he master the art of manufacturing Electroluminescent Light Panels. Next, he has to learn how to integrate the EL Light Panel into commercial or consumer products. A few more months were spent perfecting the techniques of making EL Animated Posters.

first EL Product

Finally, in 2002,  we created Electroluminescent Animated Poster for adshel. The posters were a common feature on Bus Stops/Shelters advertising lightboxes. JCDecaux and Clear Channel are the early adopters of the technology. We made the posters in Batam and distribute them to Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Following the successful launch of the EL Animated Poster. Nejilock went on to develop Electroluminescent Animated Billboards, Electroluminescent Animated Vehicle Wraps, etc.

Things were looking good for Nejilock until the financial crisis of 2008 hits us. Orders grind to a halt, without much choice we had to shut down our Batam factory. When the economy picks up, most manufacturing activities had shifted to China. Nejilock too made the decision to shift our manufacturing to China using the OEM model. These transitions allow us to learn the bolts and nuts of running a remote manufacturing hub. This leads to us making the decision to transform our business once again. This time we are ready to be an Electroluminescent Technology provider.

Consultation & Training

In 2010, we took up our 1st EL Technology Consultant job in Brisbane, Australia. EFL Tech had a consultant who did not deliver. They are not getting high yields in their manufacturing activities. They engaged us to review their manufacturing processes and to provide recommendations. We did our job with flying colors and were engaged to review their business models too. Since 2011, we had being engaged in Kuwait, Dubai, Ajman, Bangladesh, Australia, and India. We had also provided EL Technology Consultation to many companies and individuals.

We provide onsite training for Electroluminescent and Parylene Coating or through an online platform. For productivity improvement, we review business processes and recommend digital solutions.

Nejilock Electroluminescent Team - Batam

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