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Different Layers of a Electroluminescent Light Panel
Electroluminescent Light Panel Structure

- introduction -

What is electroluminescent (EL) light panel

An Electroluminescent Light Panel is a non-thermal generation of light resulting from the application of an electric field to a substance.

It is created by the following steps:

  1. First print Phosphor Ink over ITO Film.
  2. Next print Dielectric Ink.
  3. Finally print Silver Ink to complete the process.
  4. Complete by laminating the structure.


There are a few ways to make Electroluminescent Light Panels. We will explain them one by one, continue reading, or contact us for more information.

Roll to Roll Electroluminescent Light Panel
Flexible EL Light Panel

- flexible light source -

Characteristics of an EL light Panel

  • Flexible, made of Plastic.

  • Can be twisted, bent & cut into any shapes & sizes.

  • UV & Water Resistant.

  • Main Power or Battery Operated.

  • Low power consumption.

  • High visibility.

  • Light weight.

  • Non glaring.

  • Portable and easy to install.

- Electroluminescent Manufacturing -


Silkscreen Printing

This is the most common method used in making an Electroluminescent Light Panel. As the name suggested, you will need a silk-screen set-up. For those without, you will need the following:
  1. Screen Stretcher – for stretching the screen mesh.
  2. Exposure Machine – for casting the image from positive films to screen mesh.
  3. Screen Printer – for printing the various Electroluminescent Inks
  4. Box Oven – for curing the Inks, it takes a longer time to cure
  5. Conveyor Oven – for curing the Inks, it takes a shorter time to cure
Above are the primary machines that you will need. Depending on your budget, the machines can be manual or semi-automatic operation. The make of the machines also determines the cost of investment.

Roll-to-roll Printing

This is the method used in making an Electroluminescent Light Tape. A Roll-to-Roll machine with Slot Die Coating and Gravure Printing functions will do the job.
The Slot Die Coating are for coating the Phosphor and Dielectric layers. While the Gravure prints the Silver layer.
The above will complete the printing process. Next is to slit and laminate to complete the making of the Electroluminescent Light Tape.

Spray Coating

Electroluminescent Light can be Spray Coated on any substrate. It is best used on an irregular surface. You need a set of spray coating inks, spray equipment and a curing device to apply the spray method.
Each layer requires a circuit design preparation before coating the material. After coating by spray, curing the material with a heat gun is necessary.
Install connectors and apply the final hard coat to complete the Electroluminescent Structure.

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