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who are we

Nejilock is a company with a different focus, instead of selling you products we are sharing with you Technologies. Through sharing, we hope to enable you in adopting the technology and in turn become our associate partners and friends. In this sharing economy, where information is available at the touch of a button, we believe it is important that we provide you all information about a technology in one place.

The technology we would like to share with you is Electroluminescent (EL). You will find in the Electroluminescent page information on how to design and build an EL Light Panel. We will also share with you various EL Product Integration processes and finally problems faced in manufacturing EL Light Panels and How to Avoid them.

We will share how to – design EL Circuits, make EL Printing Tools, prepare EL Inks for printing, Print EL Light Panel, Test EL Light Panel, Assemble EL Light Panel and more in the Electroluminescent page.

Nejilock Electroluminescent Team - Ajman

Successful story

Nejilock India Electroluminescent Team
Nejilock Electroluminescent Team - India

India Mumbai

The planning phase for this project took a few months to complete. This is due to EL Dynamic Display Technology being new to Electroluminescent. And they have no prior knowledge of silk screen printing.

Sourcing for a local machine supplier was the next hurdle. It took us a while to find the right supplier. Next was the factory renovation, this time it was much easier. The factory layout, power supply, and other requirements were done accordingly

Anthony Neo spends three weeks in the factory, commissioning the machines and training. Training began with manufacturing simple Electroluminescent Backlights. To do this, the designer needs to create the printing circuit. The tooling department needs to prepare the silkscreens for printing. The printers need to prepare the printing inks and print the Electroluminescent Panel. Finally, the assembly team has to assemble the Electroluminescent device. Once the team achieved the desired results, the training progressed to the next phase.

With the above-structured training, the team was able to complete the training on time. And took home valuable knowledge that otherwise will take them years to learn.

Nejilock Melbourne Electroluminescent Team
Nejilock Electroluminescent Team - Melbourne

Australia Melbourne

Mark from Label Concepts had an easier time jumping into Electroluminescent. This is because he already has a silk screens printing line. What we need to do is to review the machines to determine if they are good for Electroluminescent. The review identifies that the only machine that he needs to buy is the Oven.
He decided to buy the Oven and learn Electroluminescent from Nejilock. 
Anthony Neo spends one week in the factory training the designers and printers. It took the designers a while to understand the concepts of EL Circuits. Anthony Neo has to use different concepts to teach the designers. But in the end, they picked up the skills and can design complicated EL Circuits. Training the printers was much easier, because they are already skillful in it. What Anthony Neo needs to do is to provide them with the printing profiles. And to tell them what they should and should not do in -Electroluminescent Printing. Because of their experience in silkscreen printing, they were able to pick up the skills in a short time.
The training was completed successfully in a short time. Thanks to Label Concept’s experience in silkscreen printing. And Anthony Neo’s experience in Electroluminescent.